About us

oRó de Bonn is organized by
Aaron, Anna, Lucia & Alejandro:

…curious, dedicated, colorful like our oRó!
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Mobil:  +49 1578-7721383
FB-Group:    oRó de Bonn 

Learn Tango:  www.tangolu.de

What we love about Tango

“In Tango, I can enjoy the moment, the contact, just being myself. Here, I feel who and how I am and I am free to expand beyond my normal self. In Tango, I am larger than I am, I am heavier and lighter at the same time. I expand in every direction, find my center and dissappear. In this state, every movement happens by itself, simply because it belongs there. Our feet dance to the music and it is the only thing that matters: we enjoy every movement, every signal as if it was a warm breeze flowing through our hair.”– Lucia Marisol Merz –


Tanz Tango, Merz & Gunst GbR
Lucia Merz & Alejandro Gunst
Beethovenstr. 7, 53115 Bonn

E-Mail:     orodebonn@gmail.com
Telefon:     01578-7721383

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